Nautical wiper systems


For nautical applications, there is often the need to get items ready to use and for easy installation. We developed a range of marine wipers called “SPEICH Nautic” designed to achieve during installation a customized system. In particular, you can adjust the length of the arms, change the wiping angle and choose the desired parking position on the motor unit by performing simple operations also with the system already installed.

SPEICH Nautical line is the best solution also for boats Refit & Repair thanks to its high quality, design and installation flexibility.

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Nautical wipers Brochure

Wiper Types and Products choice

A nautical line windscreen wiper system is custom-made for each application and ship screens plan. The system design and production are made under strictly quality criteria in order to respect the supply management plan and deliverables requirements compliance. Our team of design engineers will supply the best advice and assistance in order to achieve considerable savings in installation costs and the best reliable product for new boats or to be retrofitted or repair.

There is no a unique correct choice for a marine windscreen wiper. The choice depends on many factors:

Swept area requirements

Customer requirements

Form and size of the screen

We are able to offer a wide range of wiper systems that will meet all installations requirements. From standard flat screens to curved screens our systems are designed to meet all the necessary customer requirements.


Pantograph and pendulum wiper systems

The pantograph and pendulum wiper systems of Nautical line are custom-made and designed to ensure:

  • Excellent adaptability and ease of maintenance;
  • Good reliability and resistance to marine conditions.


They are used for both flat and curved small/medium size windows when installation space is limited.

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