Speich Windscreen Wiper Solutions

The greatest number of windscreen wiper solutions for each type of windows and application

Nowadays, market needs to require high level of specialization, assistance and product logistic support. To obtain the best performance and customer satisfaction, we have developed dedicated solutions for each market:


Since 1939 we supply windscreen wiper systems suitable for marine application. Our products are available to suit all marine vessels from leisure craft to large commercial, civil and military ships. To better suit our product to all marine vessels, we designed dedicated product line solutions.

Rail & Transportation

Since 1996 we supply windscreen wipers and washing equipment suitable for rail and transportation application. We provide high performance, reliable, maintainable and safe product; to achieve the complete customer satisfaction, in addition to the high product quality, our services include a complete design, testing, after sales support, project and documentation management.

Land and offshore industrial

We supply a complete professional windscreen wiper solution suitable for Heavy Industrial machinery and vehicles exposed to harsh environments in a wide range of climates.