Spare parts

Product identification
and spares

Purchasing a SPEICH product, you will have the guarantee of a swift and long term spare parts service. It is always advisable to keep one set of spare parts on board for emergency use: SPEICH provide logistic information like recommended spare parts and illustrated part breakdown until line-replacement unit (LRU).

Each window wiper system (motor, arm, wiper blade and controller) is uniquely identified by its serial number reported on a label, placed on each motor and controller during production, with SPEICH logo. This label contains also other useful information for the traceability of the product such as installation window ID, model number, part number, main configuration parameters, production date etc.

Since each wiper is specifically designed for each application and its window, please ensure to communicate the motor serial number for spare parts. Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance and request for a quote!