Wiper Blades

Wiper Blade Choice

SPEICH provides a wide wiping blades assortment:

  • Wiper blades for pantograph, pendulum and straight line wiper systemS;
  • Wiper blades for flat and/or curved screens;
  • Wiper blades for heavy and medium duty applications;
  • Wiper blades with bayonet or “U” shaped fixing systems.

All models are constantly kept in stock for quick spare parts service.

BLFAllHeavy dutyFlat11, 16, 21 mm “U” shaped1700 mm
E37AllMedium dutyBoth flat and curvedBayonet600 mm
MGAllMedium dutyFlat11 mm “U” shaped600 mm
XAllHeavy dutyBoth flat and curved16, 21 mm “U” shaped1500 mm
Since each window wiper can be specifically configured, please ensure to communicate the motor serial number for spare parts. Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance and request for a quote!

Product Sheets

Medium duty blades curved windows, Serie E37, Wiper blades
Medium duty blades flat windows, Serie MG, Wiper blades
Heavy duty blades curved windows, Serie X, Wiper blades