Control systems

Naval Line

Naval line control systems for windscreen wipers have the following features:

  • actuate wipers individually or in groups, operating both in continuous and intermittent mode;
  • actuate auxiliary devices like window and wiper heaters or window washing system.

Two control systems are proposed:


  1. Advanced DCS system: allows to actuate wiper motors in groups or individually. A perfect arm movement synchronization is obtained for wipers that work in the same operating mode. Components specifically dedicated for this use are connected each other via CAN bus.
  2. Traditional UC system: allows to actuate wiper motors in groups or individually. Working mode can be continuous or intermittent. Traditional electric components (push button switches and relays) are used to drive the system.


Each control system is designed and customized to meet the needs of each installation.
As a service we design and manufacture power distribution boxes to feed big groups of wiper motors or heaters for glasses and wipers.