Naval (1)

Naval Line
made to measure for professional applications

Cruise ships, cargo ships, military vessels, tankers and tugs have to operate in a wide range of extreme conditions. Therefore the robustness and the reliability of windscreen wipers becomes fundamental for a correct visibility of the vessel. Furthermore there is often the need to coordinate the operation of a considerable number of wiper motor units with the windscreen washing and glass heating system. The wiper Naval line SPEICH allows you to meet those needs being designed for maximum reliability, robustness and ease of control. The following equipments are available:

  • Pantograph and pendulum wiper systems;
  • Straight line wiper systems with  internal and external motor;
  • Clear view screens.

To complete the installation we also propose:

  • Blades;
  • Control systems;
  • Window washer equipments;
  • Antiglear screens

Internally made production of almost all components is part of SPEICH policy for quality control and give us the possibility for a very flexible production. We also provide extensive support during the life cycle of the products and long term spare parts availability.