MEX window wiper


MEX window wiper shall be used on medium sized windows (arm length up to 900 mm) for professional boats applications, even for a particularly heavy duty.

MEX window wiper is characterized by a compact design, easy installation and maintenance and high strength for heavy duty service.

The motor unit is M series and it is housed in a watertight case IP68 provided with feeding cable and mounting bracket. The motor has automatic self parking position.

MEX wiper system is constructed out of non-corrosive and top-quality materials and extensive customization of finishes is available. It complies with the IEC 60945 standard.

Control system is traditional UC system control panel or standard switches.



  • Available rated voltage: 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 110Vac, 220Vac;
  • Superior components are used to ensure long lasting systems;
  • Adjustable wiping angle and self-parking position side;
  • Motor don’t need any maintenance operation.
  • The case which contains them complies to IP68.


  • Available partial liftable pantograph M72P.EX and pendulum M70.EX arms;
  • Wiper arms shapes and lengths are designed to suit all applications;
  • All arms constructed out of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel AISI 316;
  • Available flat and articulated blades. Blade length is selected to suit all applications.


  • UC control system: all-in solution based on relay controller suitable to operate a custom-made number of wipers and auxiliaries; power supply voltages of 24 Vdc and 110-220 Vac and it is available in single version, to pilot one wiper only, or in several custom made versions. It can also drive auxiliary devices.
  • Overload protection of each wiper motor by means of an automatic circuit breaker located in the electric box


  • Electrovalves for water or purge air supply;
  • Wash hose kits with various adaptors for securing hoses;
  • Wall or wiper arm installed spray nozzles;
  • Fully integrated wash systems including controllers;
  • Windows custom made antiglear screens.

Motor Features

Model NumberMEX Designed for external installation and for medium sized wiper systems
VoltageV = 12/24 Vdc; 110/220 Vac
Wiping Angle αα = 30°÷90° step 5°
Blade self parking position FcAdjustable, available on right or left side of the window.
FinishingWhite painted (standard version)

Other finishes on request

Arms Features

Model Number
M72P.EX Pantograph limited lift stainless steel arm
M72PD.EX Pantograph limited lift stainless steel arm, double version
M70.EX Pendulum limited lift stainless steel arm
Spray nozzlesFan shape spray nozzles are available as optional for all models.
Wiper Arm Length LL = 300 ÷ 900 mm, with 50 mm steps for M72P.EX

L = 300 ÷ 750 mm, with 50 mm steps for M72PD.EX

L = 300 ÷ 950 mm, with 50 mm steps for M70.EX
Blade fixing device width AA = 10, 16, 21 mm “U” shaped
BendingWiper arm may be cranked for inward glass window over 75 mm.

All solution customed.

Blades Features

BLFSpatole tergicristallo per finestre piane, per applicazioni gravose
MGSpatole tergicristallo per finestre piane, per applicazioni moderatamente gravose
XSpatole tergicristallo per finestre curve, per applicazioni gravose
LUNGHEZZA SPATOLA SS = 300 ÷ 900 mm, con passo 50 mm

Control Panel Features

UCSSistema di comando centralizzato, in grado di attivare 2 unità motore e fino a 3 ausiliari
UCPSistema di comando centralizzato, in grado di attivare 10 unità motore e fino a 4 ausiliari
MOTORI ATTIVATIDa 1 a 2 motori per modello UCS

Da 2 a 10 motori per modello UCP
AUSILIARI ATTIVATIFino a 3 dispositivi ausiliari per modello UCS

Fino a 4 dispositivi ausiliari per modello UCP
Windscreen Wiper MEX Brochure