Wash Systems


The W51 window washing system consists of four main components: the liquid stainless steel tank, the pumping element, the control box and fan jet spray nozzles. The pump draws the liquid from the tank and delivers it through piping line to spray nozzle groups. It is the ideal solution for washing bridge windows with up to 6 spray nozzles installed and it is perfectly integrable with ship’s windscreen wiper system.

W51 washing system is designed to:

  • Be suitable for water and windscreen de-icing fluid;
  • Have a compact design;
  • Have high quality and reliable components;
  • Have a cost-effective;
  • Ensure a quick installation and easy inspection for maintenance;
  • Ensure easy wiring, ready to be connected to SPEICH control systems.

Product features

NozzlesUp to 6 nozzles delivering 1.8 L/min
Wash pump
Max 5 bar delivering up to 12 L/min - 180 W
Liquid tank30 L with level indicator built-in stainless steel construction
Available 24 Vdc, 115 Vac or 230 Vac
PipingReady to receive Ø10xØ8 hose
Weight20 Kg (dry)
Dimensions785 W x 550 h x 240 d
ControllerEmbedded, ready to be connected to Speich control systems
FilterEasily inspected for maintenance
Temperature0° ÷ +40°
Fluids allowed Fresh water (max 40°C)
Anti-freeze - water mixture

Compatible products

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Product ID

Each component of the wash system (tank, pump and electric box) is uniquely identified by its serial number reported on a label placed on back side of the same.

Model numberDescription
W51Window washing system, it consists of the liquid stainless steel tank, the pumping element, the control box and fan jet spray nozzles
W51.BOXControl box
W51.PUMPPumping element
SERB.W51 Liquid stainless steel tank
If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.