S Motor

SuperYacht Line

Typical application for motor type S is for large sized wiper systems (arms up to 1200 mm) of pleasure boats  when the motor is installed below the window, installation that doesn’t need the electromagnetic brake to fix the arm in park position. Motor type S is designed to:

  • operate only in low voltage (12/24V), normally used for nautical applications;
  • have high torque, maintaining reduced dimensions;
  • have high strength.



The code of motor unity type S is composed as follows: S.V.D.α.fc where “S” indicates the type, “V” the voltage, “D” the thickness of the bulkhead, “α” the wiping angle and “fc” the self parking side.

Technical features 
Available rated voltageDC: 12V - 24V
Starting torque80 Nm
Nominal power85 W
Starting power420 W
Strokes for minute42
Bushing for wall thickness D 10-20-30-45-60-70-80-90-100-150 mm customized on request
Wiping angles α 30° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55° 60° 65° 70° 75° 80° 85° 90°
with SA motor type: 95° 100° 105° 110°
Self parkingAvailable left side or right side
Weight4,5 Kg
Compatible products  
Wiper armsPantograph (up to 1200 mm)
Pendulum (up to 1200 mm)
Control systemStandard (only 24V)PWS.1V
80 Nm, S serie, Standard control
Wiper motor