PWS.1V System

SuperYacht Line

PWS.1V control system is designed to operate single speed wiper motors with power supply voltage from 12 up to 24V DC. It consists in a control unit and a softouch panel in communication via CAN bus. PWS.1V have the following features:

  • synchronization of wiper arms movement by imperceptibly stopping the motors that arrive firstly to the park position;
  • carrefully made park position thanks to the dynamic braking made by the control unit to the motors;
  • overload protection by means of automatic fuses (PTC);
  • the pump or electrovalves for windscreen washer actuation.
Technical features 
System power supplyMultivoltage: from 12V to 24 V DC
Operation mode1 continuous speed and 4 intermittence
N° wiper actuatedFrom 2 up to 5
N° auxiliary actuated1
Maximum current for each motor12A
Maximum current for auxiliary1A
Frontal panel IP protectionIP65

PWS.1V is composed by a control unit and a softouch panel connected each other via UTP cable. If required a second panel can be connected to the control unit. This system can be composed as below.

PWS.1V system compositionControl unitPanel
System for 2 wipers PWS.RB02PWS.ST1V.02
System for 3 wipers PWS.RB03
System for 4 wipers PWS.RB04PWS.ST1V.04
System for 5 wipers PWS.RB05PWS.ST1V.05
Traditional control system for single speed wipers
Wiper control system