MEX Motor

Naval Line

Designed for external installation, the MEX motor type is used for medium sized wiper arms (arm length up to 900 mm) on boats for civil and military applications. The motor unit is M type put into a watertight case IP67, provided with feeding cable and mounting bracket. The motor has automatic self parking position.



The code of motor unity type MEX is composed as follows: MEX.V.α.fc where “MEX” indicates the type, “V” the voltage, “α” the wiping angle and “fc” the self parking side.

Technical features 
Available rated voltageDC: 12V - 24V - 110V - 220V
AC: 110V - 220V
Starting torque45 Nm
Nominal power55 W
Starting power220 W
Strokes for minute45
IP protection grade IP67
Wiping angles α 30° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55° 60° 65° 70° 75° 80° 85° 90°
Self parkingAvailable left side or right side
Weight2,6 Kg
Compatible products  
ArmsPantograph (length up to 900 mm)

Pendulum (length up to 950 mm)
Control systemsTraditional
Traditional (only 24 V)
External motor, MEX serie
Wiper motor