MEX Motor unit


Designed for external installation, the MEX series is used for medium sized wiper systems (arm length up to 900 mm) on boats for civil and military applications. The motor unit is M series and it is housed in a watertight case IP67, provided with feeding cable and mounting bracket. The motor has automatic self-parking position.

Product features

Standard version technical features 
Model number M/NMEX
Available rated voltageV = 12 ; 24 Vdc
V = 110 ; 220 Vac
Starting torque45 Nm
Nominal power55 W
Starting power220 W
SpeedV1 = 45 stroke/min
IP protection grade IP67
Wiping angles α α = 30°÷90° step 5°
Self parkingFc = DX right side, internal view and window upper part motor mounted
Fc = SX left side, internal view and window upper part motor mounted
Weight~2,6 Kg
FinishingWhite painted

Compatible product

Compatible productTypologyModel numberLink
ArmsPantograph (length up to 900 mm)
Pendulum (length up to 950 mm)
Control systemsCentralized Control System (All voltages)
Centralized Control System (Only 24 V)

Product identification

Each motor unit MEX series is uniquely identified by its serial number reported on a label placed on the back side of the wiper motor.

Part numberParameter nameParameter value
M/N.V.αModel number M/NM/N = MEX
Voltage VV = 012 for 12 Vdc
V = 024 for 24 Vdc
V = 110 for 110 Vac, 50/60 Hz
V = 220 for 220 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Wiping angles αα = 030÷090 step 5°

Example: “MEX.110.065” indicates MEX model wiper motor, 110 Vac voltage and 65° wiping angle.

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.