M72PL Arm

SuperYacht Line

The pantograph arms M72PL are designed for the installation on medium dimension glasses and to be completly liftable from the glass surface, in order to facilitate cleaning operations. Moreover the installation is less critical when the motor shaft cannot be perfectly perpendicular to the glass surface. The arms M72PL are made to measure following customer specifications. The standard surface finish is hand-polished stainless steel. Other surface finishes are available.

On request M72PL arms can be equipped with spray nozzles (M72PL.ZZ type).

Technical features 
Maximum length900 mm
Width "S" blade fixing10 mm, 16 mm, 21 mm “U” shaped
Arm bendingYes, as option
Liftable Yes
Spray nozzlesYes, as option (M72PL.ZZ Type)

M72PL arms are available in the following surface finishes:

  1. AISI316 steel hand polished;
  2. black polyester powder-coated;
  3. carbon fiber arm with a maximum length of 1000 mm;
  4. finish with PVD treatment.
Compatible products  
Electric motorsStandard
Blades (maximum length 900 mm)For curved windows
For flat windows
M serie, Pantograph
Wiper arm