LP Motor

Nautical Line

Motor type LP shall be used on pleasure boats with medium size windows (arms up to 800 mm) that require a simple and reliable wiper system. LP motors are designed for:

  • compact dimensions;
  • easily modify the wiping angle also with the motor installed;
  • easily modify the park position side;
  • two wiping speeds.

A protected space for installing the motor must be provided, as the mechanism is exposed. In case of visible installations a protective container (Code 15907) can be supplied.

Technical features 
Available rated voltageDC: 12V - 24V
Starting torque42 Nm
Two speedsv1 = 30 and v2 = 42 stroke/min
Nominal power50W (v1) - 85W (v2)
Starting power300W (v1) - 480W (v2)
Wiping angles α from 40° to 90°
Self parkingOn either right or left side
CodeWall thickness DVoltage
LP12205 mm - 20 mm 12 V
LP124022 mm - 40 mm 12 V
LP126042 mm - 60 mm 12 V
LP128062 mm - 80 mm 12 V
LP1210082 mm - 100 mm 12 V
LP2420 5 mm - 20 mm 24 V
LP244022 mm - 40 mm24 V
LP246042 mm- 60 mm24 V
LP248062 mm - 80 mm24 V
LP2410082 mm - 100 mm24 V
Compatible products  
Wiper armsPantograph (up to 800 mm)
Pendulum (up to 800 mm)
Control systemsMulti function panels

L serie, Standard control
Wiper motor