Clear view screen AC

Naval Line

Clear view screens AC are delivered assembled on a hardened glass of the proper shape and thickness for the window they are to be fitted to. The main features are:

  • available in three diameters of net view: 300, 350 and 380 mm;
  • rotating hardened glass and optically rectified;
  • completely made of brass, chromium plated on request.

Clear view screen AC can be equipped with a heating element to prevent condensation and ice formation.

Technical features 
Available rated voltageDC: 12V - 24V
AC: 110V - 220V
Nominal power40 W
Revolution speed1700 rpm
FinishingNatural brass (standard)
Chromium plated (optional)
Heating element (optional)100 - 150 W depending on the size
Control panel (optional)With switches and fuses (Code CCCVS)
Versions without heaterABWeight
AC38S 380 mm420 mm12,5 Kg
AC1S 350 mm390 mm12 Kg
AC2S 300 mm340 mm10,5 Kg
Versions with heaterAB Weight Resistence
AC38S.H380 mm420 mm12,5 Kg150 W
AC1S.H350 mm390 mm12 Kg150 W
AC2S.H300 mm340 mm10,5 Kg100 W
Dimensions AC
Supply with bearing glass
Clear view screen