Company Management

Quality Management

We are committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of all our skills and responsibilities

SPEICH has always been oriented towards Quality and the continuous improvement of business processes.

We operate in accordance with ISO 9001 standards following our own Quality Policy. Speich Company is dedicated to the quality policy which will ensure that our products and services fully meet our customers’ requirements at all times. Speich believes in the concept of client-supplier synergy in pursuing this policy and in continually striving for improvements in service quality. We expect our suppliers to operate a quality management system to guarantee defect-free delivery. Our procurement process forms the framework for a successful long-term business relationship.

RINA Certificate ISO 9001

Quality Policy

Product Management

We design and manufacture our products following highest standard and quality criteria.

SPEICH has its own internal process for product life cycle management oriented to product continuous improvement, innovation and integrated logistic support. We maintain an ongoing schedule of design oriented to reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and testability. We manufacture our products following the highest standards and quality criteria.

We are committed to a 10 years product support program focus on long term spares service and product lifetime assistance.

All our products are in accordance with the EEC directives. The CE mark assures consumers that the product has the required characteristics of safety in use.

Our flagship products are equipped of product type approval issued from accredited certification body.

Pantograph/pendulum SDCS wipers approval

Straight line wipers DCS approval

Product Policy

Project Management

The best way to achieve effectively and efficiently all objectives and customer satisfaction

SPEICH has its own internal process for project management focus on goals achievement and customer satisfaction. This process allows obtaining different competitive advantages:


1) BEST PRODUCT AND SERVICE SUPPLIED: all our products and solutions are continuously developed following our innovation process and customer technical requirements. Project management allows us to achieve effectively and efficiently all objectives and deliverables.

2) MORE FLEXIBILITY: we are oriented to simplify production processes, which in turn increases efficiency and leads to higher quality output. The elimination of excess processes guarantees greater flexibility to deal with unforeseen events.

3) EASILY TRACEABLE PROGRESS: Project management not only embraces planning, but also deals with monitoring and controlling project progress. SPEICH use proper project management tools to plan production and also to have an overview of the production process and track progress. The adoption of these tools makes it possible to identify any delays in the program and to identify the necessary corrective actions in time.

4) BETTER RISK MANAGEMENT: Even a well-planned project is not immune to unforeseen events. Since production involves so many processes that are based on each other, the smallest inconsistency can have significant impacts on the production schedule. SPEICH identifies, evaluates, issues risks and emergency plans and holds monitored risks status to guarantee production and business continuity.

5) CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: A goal of SPEICH is to pursue continuous improvement. We combine technical skills and project management methods with established production methods, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and products. We are committed to improve our skills and products by a proper change management, simplification of processes, carefully monitoring and measuring the progress of production, strictly controlling risks and by give relevance to return of experience.

Project Management