SPEICH company was born in Genoa in 1938. We used our knowledge in the field of optical processing for patent and produce the first clear view screen system. For several years the production of clear view screens was the main activity of the company.  In 1959, following the request of one of the most ancient italian shipyards, we designed the first wiper specifically made for the marine environment. The business has grown focusing its specialization according to strict criteria of reliability and durability. The great production flexibility and experience were the reason for a good success of SPEICH systems  also in the international area. Since 1995, in addition to the production for professional use, we developed a windscreen wipers line called “SPEICH Nautic” for small and medium pleasure boats that can be easily customized while installing. In the same year the company began to provide wiper systems for railway applications. Since 2003, the company operates with a quality system according to the ISO 9001 rule. In 2010 the company designed and developed an innovative wiper control system, called DCS, based on the CAN bus communication within all the equipments involved in a wiper system. Today SPEICH exports 70% of its production to 25 countries, is NATO and other navies official supplier.


The targets of our organizzation are: 
  • Provide a complete service to the customer: from the study of workable solution to technical assistance;
  • Provide custom made products to meet any installation requirements;
  • Provide excellent quality products.

The values historically  pursued by the company  have become the ethical and cultural heritage that still guide and reflect our work. These values are:

  • Professionalism: clearness, fairness and respect are the foundations on which we build relationships with our partners, be they customers, suppliers or simple interlocutors ;
  • Efficiency: organization and punctuality are the principles on which we base our work;
  • Responsibility: the company focuses on the security of its personnel and respect for the environment;
  • Flexibility: research and improvement of the technical and commercial development in order to provide quality products and satisfy the quick market changes to follow customer satisfaction.

SPEICH S.r.l. has two production facilities placed in Genova (Italy). The main one includes commercial and technical offices, research and development department and the assembly area of finished products. In the second one, opened in July 2014, are placed all tool machinaries for mechanical manufacturing. The coordinations between all activities leads to an efficient process with the target to reduce the delivery time of custom made equipments. Nowerdays market needs require high level of specialization and that led us to develop three different product lines for the marine market:


  • Naval line: professional wiper systems for marine applications and extreme operating conditions ;
  • SuperYacht line: professional wiper systems designed to meet the needs of luxury boats ;
  • Nautical line: wiper systems that can be easily customized for typical installations in the pleasure boat industry.

Our organization, based on quality products and customer satisfaction, offer the following services:



– Design of windscreen wiper systems, from specifications and 2D or 3D drawings supplied by the customer;

– Design of control systems for windshield wipers, heated windows and window washing systems, following the provided specifications;



– Internally made manufacture of most of system components ;


  • TESTING     

– Testing of electrical and mechanical parts for each product before shipment;



– Long term spare parts service;

– Products life time assistance.