SINCE 1939

Experience, style and technology

We design and produce custom-made windscreen
wiper systems

Since 1939, SPEICH is committed to design, manufacture and supply high-performance windscreen wiper systems, associated control systems and washing equipment. Our professional products are custom-made to fit any window size and to match all specific kinds of application. We design our products according to the highest reliability, maintainability and safety criteria.

Our brand guarantees top-quality experience, style and technology for custom-made windscreen wipers. We are committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction through experienced and professional work management, innovation, the right selection of products and the best solution for the application scope. We provide a full customer support at each stage of our business relationship.

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SPEICH manufactures different range of electrical wiper motors, wiper arms, wiper blades, straight line wipers, clearview screens, controllers, drivers’ interface, window washing items and window accessories. All these products are custom-made for each window and application range.

We are committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of all our skills. All of our activities are performed in-house: design, manufacturing and quality control. As a consequence, we can guarantee excellent product quality, quick delivery time and long-term spare parts service.

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